Calculation instead opinions

Reduced requirements for personnel competencies

Raw data translated into manageable metrics

Graph models

what is it for

Graph model of relations

For automation of analytics

Diagnostic «Why did the problem happen?»,

Predictive «What else can happen?» and

Managerial - "What is to be done?"

Use any availiable information

Еnforce opinions with calculation

Find a solution

Test different scenarios

Plan your activities

what data do you need

Use any available data

A complex model can be splitted . Several models can be combined into one.

Quantitative data

Expert assessments

Combination of data and expertise

Examples of models and box solutions

Take advantage of examples and model templates

You can create the model by yourself or with the help of our team

Equipment reliability


Quality of goods and services


Roles and responsibilities


Goals and activities of the organization


Business process risks


Marketing and sales


Value creation chains


Project risks

How it works

Customize almaGRID software to meet your needs

You can easily transfer a model from server to server or to your personal computer 

almaGRID works with office software ...

almaGRID is developed on dotNET, easily interacts with the IT environment and integrates with MS Excel

... as desk-top ...

You can host the model database on your local machine

... or a client-server application

You can organize teamwork

Graph models for exploring relations and taking the right decisions

what do you get

Your "digital assistant"

You are investing resources in your own technology that will show results already tomorrow

Reduced search time for the "bottleneck"

"Digital Assistant" has reduced the requirements for staff competencies

Opinions are backed up or replaced by calculation results

The action plan is based on the results of the analysis and does not depend on the personality of the developer

Training of new personnel goes faster and better, because it is based on actual data and cases of the company

how to begin

Create your first model

We know that the most valuable thing is time. We will help you get started using the models with minimum costs of resources

Our proposal

what does it look like

Example of the model

Try test models during the trial period of using almaGRID

Are you ready to try it?

This is not just useful but also very exciting

Contact us


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